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Saturday, November 26, 2005

How is YOUR Carma...?

How is YOUR Carma...?

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Well...about my car situation...I sold my Moms car, and I have sold my van 3 times...first time the guy backed out because he had no parking space, second guy went to his mom to borrow the money and she gave him thousands of dollars to get a newer truck, and he refrained from letting me a painter gave me a deposit on it and has not found the time to come by and pick it it sits in my yard. Who would have thought it would be so hard to sell a cheap van??

So my buddy calls me and says he has a van for me...Dodge Caravan. It is too small for my needs, but a fantastic deal, so I turn Lori on to it. Now I have inherited her car...nothing wrong with it really other than the air not working, but winter is here anyway... It is not registered so I have it parked in the carport... I pulled it out to take some things out of it and when I went to pull it back in the battery died. Oh well, this happens, but I am not happy about having to repair a car I am not even driving...but I am resigned to having to do it and replacing a battery is soooo easy.

Did someone say replacing a battery was easy? Who is the prick at GM who decided that side posts were so much better than the top posts that EVERYONE else in the world uses? I could kick his ass right now.

The charger would not clamp on well for me to try to charge the battery (but the battery was too far gone anyway...) and you cant jump start it by yourself (tits on the connectors are too small for my cables). I decided to quickly replace the battery.

Well, you have to remove a brace to get to the battery...then there was a bolt holding the battery at the base of the battery...I put a wrench on it and the head immediately broke off. I tried then to pull the battery out but there is not enough slack in the battery cables. I removed the negative cable, and went to remove the positive but the nut grip was stripped so I could not get a wrench on it. Tried vice grips to no avail. Went and bought a bolt-out from Sears for $26 and it wont fit it.

I cant cut the terminal off because there may not be enough cable to reach the battery after installing a new one. So the car is stuck in the carport, unable to jump or charge...for a fu****g 15 cent bolt.

So I see an acquaintance has had an accident and his car is shot...I tell him "Today is your lucky need a car, I have one!" He comes to the house and loves the car and I give him a sweet price on it with one caveat...

He has to replace the battery.

He says it is a great deal and he will be back to pick it up.

Havent heard from him since. The car is still there. The van is still there.

I will probably try drilling out the bolt or chiseling it off or breaking the battery case...I mean, what is a little acid gonna do?

It is the little things in life that have the power to please or aggravate you to the n'th degree, LOL!

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