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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Glitter Blog

All that glitters...

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I HATE GLITTER! There I said it...I scream it .... III HAAAATE GLITTTTEEERRRR!

Now I am not opposed to glittery things, or shiny things, LOL! I hate powdery uncontrollable sprinkles of glitter.

It is very nice in its milieu. If you are using glitter in crafts I am sure it looks great, and if you are using body glitter I am sure it makes you feel pretty. It is the residual fallout the PISSES ME OFF!

This probably goes back to my days in the Flower Shop. The designer would sprinkle glitter on certain decorations or arrangements, and I would deliver them. The delivery van would get glitter residue inside, which of course would get on me and I always had this residue of pixie dust when looking in the mirror...on my clothes. I would go out at night and see glitter on me...or in my house that I had tracked in. I would bitch about it and the designer, Peter, thought it was funny so he threw glitter on me. I was irate. I was leaving for Orlando after work, and had to go home and change and get all this out of my hair. To the day I sold my old house, I was still finding glitter in the bathroom.

My favorite glitter story...working at the flower warehouse, everyone was aware of my aversion to glitter. We sold these branches covered in glitter and the boxes would always have a ton of loose glitter in them. Someone (the owner of the company perhaps?) thought it would be funny to get my office chair and put glitter all over the seat while I was out with a customer in the warehouse, then it would be there when I returned for the 10 am sales briefing. I came in for the meeting and saw the glitter and everyone expected to see my reaction. I merely kept a straight face, opened the door to the parking lot and propped it open, picked up my chair and heaved it into the lot, closed the door, grabbed the chair from the desk behind me, and acted like nothing happened. No one ever did that again, LOL!

So I put on clothes and go out and someone with body glitter gives me a hug and I am covered. Or someone decides I need pixie dust at a party and my equipment is covered in glitter. How many pieces of glitter does it take to make a CD player fail? Not many! I tell Loris daughters that no guy likes body glitter, they just tolerate it to get laid. Glitter is the best birth control device for me...well right up there with Windsong or Charlie...but fragrance is another topic for another day.

I feel sorry for the person who has to clean all the glitter at the bars. I just kept slogging around in it last night thinking "How much of this is going to turn up on me at the wedding I am doing this Saddy"?

Think before glittering. Friends, dont let friends wear glitter. And keep it away from me. It could be my Achilles Heel... And dont try me to be funny...I have a violent side, LOL!

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