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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Halloween Parties 2005

Halloween Parties 2005

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The halloween parties this year were a welcome distraction! I did the party for George at the Net. His parties always rock because he has the best friends and clientele, he "get"s what I do, and I "get" what he wants. We never even have to talk...he tells me a date and event, I show up, rock, then tell him what he owes me, LOL! I miss working there regularly. I used to be there every Thursday before they changed formats and integrated the fish market.

They had some of the greatest costumes there. Great response to the dance music, so I was feeling the love. Only very few downsides. But the one downside was actually an upside...George had my back on my opinion on an altercation. Another KJ was there...he is known for his impersonation of a popular mutton chopped performer of days gone by. He selected a song and I put him in the rotation. I dont run a strict rotation at private parties, especially if the dancers are ready and have been waiting. I generally let everyone sing a song, dance, then go back into rotation. Also, whoever is paying me is boss...what they say goes. The restaurant has a girl working there who flat out KICKS ASS as a singer. I got her up to sing and George insisted on a did everyone else in the bar! Finished the rotation, planned a half hour of dance then a costume contest then back to the singers. The mom of the Elvis guy asked me to let Elvis sing again. I told her that he had a turn in and it would be awhile. She got bent with me so I explained how and why I do things and she called BS on me because I let the employee sing 2 in a row. I told her that was Georges decision and what he says goes because it is his party. She went and complained to George...and he came to me (while the dance floor was PACKED and pumpin) and said Elvis was upset and was leaving the building. My response: See ya! Bye. George smiled, and I said, George if you say the word, I will clear the floor to let him sing, but do you want to do that? If he wants to wait his turn he can do 5 songs in a row for all I care, but he will have to wait, and if he cant, dont let the door hit on the way out. I also noted it was probably not him upset, but his family and entourage.

Hmm...when they called his name as a finalist for the costume contest, he was missing in action. Might have been something I said.

Overall, a fantastic night...

Did Mothers last night, and we had an over 30 singer rotation and lots of great costumes. I did not dress up, so when asked, I either said I was Mondo dressed as Harry, I was a left handed Jehovahs Witness, or as evidenced by a pic on myspace, I put my arm inside my shirt and said I was the drummer from favorite. Napoleon Dynamite was a popular theme this year. The most curious was this guy Todd who came as Jim Carreys character in face, yellow suit etc. He actually used latex paint for the green. Painted his whole head. How in the hell is that gonna wash out from his eye and ear crevices, LOL?? Glad to not be him today. He was shedding at the end of the night and left plenty of mess. At one point he sang and got paint on my mic. At least he won $125 first place prize money to buy a scrub brush, LOL!

By 12 it quieted down and those who stayed got to sing 2 or 3 songs that last hour. I tried some new material and it went over really well. I opened with If You Wanna Get To Heaven by Ozark Mt Daredevils...went well. Pulled myself out because it was sooo busy, then when it slowed down I did Phil Collins - I Dont Care Anymore. Great song, but SC slaughtered the keyboards in it. Very clumsy. I also did Sober by Tool which got an amazing response...absolutely floored me the reaction I got to that. I am curious now to see if that was merely a moment in time or if that tune is a keeper. Closed it out with Where Did You Sleep by Nirvana which also got a great reaction.

People were feeling the love and getting into it, and that feeds me to do a better job. Marge did a great version of Hey Jude and we got the ENTIRE bar singing along so loud at the end that I just turned the amp down and went acapella for a verse or 2, LOL!

At the end of the night, by buddy Gene was stuck there drunk...he is in his 80s and failing. I asked him to let me drive him home, then I needed to find a driver to bring me back. Gene lives close so it would only take 5 minutes.

HA! Gene has an Allante. A very technical car to operate if you are not familiar with it. The drivers door would not open, so I got in the passengers side and slid over...started the car, could not find the lights. My driver had his lights shining in my eyes so I was blinded. I could not open the door to tell him...the windows had dew on them and I could not find the wipers. Keep in mind, I pride myself on being able to jump in any car and drive it, so this was humbling to me. Got the lights on and there was a bulb out so I found the hi beams, then my buddy brought me a flashlight so I could find the controls. Got the car to Genes and none of the doors would open for me. Gene could not open them either, so I rolled down the window and exited the Allante Dukes of Hazzard Style. Last I saw was Gene in the driveway at 2:00, home safe, with the car window down, LOL!

And how was your night, LOL??

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