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Saturday, October 1, 2005

My Pony is getting away!

My Pony is getting away!

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Been seeing the coolest car parked in front of my house for a couple of days...a '70 Maverick. It looks like it was obviously owned by an elderly couple, probably a man since it has a CB, LOL! It is not in the condition many old people let their 70s cars get into (painting over rust, bad paint and touch ups...). This car may have been painted, but if so the paint job is easily 20 years or more old...still hardly any rust. All panels dents. Lotsa old man touches...a love bug screen neatly trimmed to the grill, trailer hitch, magnetic antenna for the CB. It has obviously been parked as it has a light coat of the lovely green patina of mildew so prevalent here in the south.

My curiousity got the best of me, because I could love this car. It is in the best condition you could imagine a daily driving 70 to be in. Indeed, it was part of an estate sale and they have a sale pending...for $700. My heart sank...if only I had known sooner. This is the car I would have wanted back in high school...when it would have been 11 years old. I would have loved to had this car in this condition THEN, let alone 25 years later.

I told them if the sale goes thru I would be right there, but I am not holding my breath...but I have to walk past the durn thing several times a day, and it is right outside of my picture window, LOL! My pony got away!!

Oh well... I got some pics to remember it by. Holler if you want to see one.

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