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Sunday, October 16, 2005

On to the next adventure...

On to the next adventure...

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Did a wedding yesterday...packed up and was on the road home, an hour away, at 10 pm. Checked my messages and got a message from a friend in Ft Lauderdale (4 hrs away) who was trying to contact a mutual friend in Orlando. He said that he, and others in Ft Lauderdale had been attempting to contact this person and had not heard anything in a couple of weeks, either by email or phone. This piqued my curiousity as I had not gotten a response back to my leaving a message about my Mom. I tried calling his #s to no avail, so I called my friend in Lauderdale back and let him know I would check things out.

No way was I gonna be able to sleep, so I zipped to my house and picked up my Girlfriend, then drove 45 minutes to O-town. The house was dark and quiet and tight as a drum. I was hoping for a conspicuous sign, or a way to break in. I expected the kitties to greet me at the vertical blinds as they always do, but no sign of them. Shined the flashlight to see what I could, then knocked on the neighbors door.

1st neighbor had seen nothing, but pointed me in the direction of a neighbor of more observant nature. I went to that house and told the man who I was and why I was there, and he proceeded to quiz me to see how well I really knew my friend. I appreciated that...he had my buddies back, LOL! He told me he thought that he had gone back to Ft Lauderdale with his Mom. This was strange, since no one in FtLauderdale had heard from him.

Turns out, some medication he was on was not working for him, and he got sick and his mom and sis put him in a hospital in Lauderdale and he was back at his Moms and doing fine, but he had neglected to contact anyone. It was a relief to talk to him and share my adventure with him and get the scoop on what happened.

I had all of these scenarios in my head last night...finding a corpse, or calling the police to report him missing...see if he was in a hospital or jail, LOL! Anything is possible in my circle. Glad things were positive this time around.

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