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Thursday, October 13, 2005

So Much Going On...

So much going on!

Current mood:indescribable

Well, life does like to dole it out! Doing relatively well despite the current situations...

A day before my Mom passed, I was heading to work and my g/f called, out of breath. I thought maybe she had been in an accident, but she was just calling to tell me a huge part of the tree next door had crashed into my property, taking out the cable, phone and internet connections, and that the electricity was on at the time, but would be suspended as the power pole had broken in half as well. I told her who to call to get it handled and went on with my show. Could have been worse...

I love the ironic thing car needs a repair and I have not been driving it, so it was parked in front of the house. That day, I got tired of looking at the debris from the golden raintree laying on top of it, so I drove it up the street to dust it off, then parked it next door on a whim. The whim paid off since the car did not get hit by the tree.

My fence did not fare so well...2 panels of my stockade fence are smashed, as well as another portion of my picket fence (which is succumbing to all manner of storms...there are only 2 panels left, LOL!)

I spent the next morning with my chainsaw (best birthday gift EVER) clearing my yard and driveway. The owner of the tree volunteered to replace my fence, so I am happy about that anyway.

Tuesday put things in perspective. Been dealing with that as a priority...trying to be the rock. Maintaining my show schedule...trying to stay in routine. My friends are the best...unbelievably supportive.

I made the arrangements with the cremation folks...they were great to work with. They come to the house and conduct the business so you are not burdened...which led to an interesting story...

My dogs are very protective. They bark when people or animals go by. They hear a knock and always alert. When Tiny sees all is well, she is cool, but Foster DEMANDS attention and seeks a new play partner. Even my brother who visits often is not exempt from this.

Don from the cremation place comes to the door and knocks and my house is silent. I invite him in and he sits on the couch...and the dogs come in with little fanfare. Tiny sniffs him then lays down. Foster crows a few times, demands a little attention the cools out and lays down. I have to leave the room for a moment and I come back and Foster is laying next to where Don is sitting on the couch. Those who know my dogs would find this strange I had to call Lori as soon as Don left to share. He must have some really good vibes. Made me feel a lot better about having him handle everything.

I felt bad for my Sister in Miami, as she did not get to see Mom before Don took care of her. She (mom) was taken to a refrigerated area to be held until all the paperwork is cleared for cremation. She will probably be cremated on Monday. We will have the ashes Tuesday or Wednesday.

I went to the cemetary today, but they were closed. I have to make arrangements to put my Moms ashes with my dads. I looked around to see who their neighbors were...(it is a crypt) and one of my closest friends parents are directly across from mine. I have to call him today to let him know that.

I am doing ok, but I think I have a virus or some flu-like symptoms last night, and woke up shiverring in the middle of the night...and not processing food too well right now.

I am thinking of planning a trip to San Diego to visit my uncle, the last surviving member of my family of that generation. Once all is done and said...I may do well as visit some friends on the left coast. Just depends on what happens here at home. Talked to him on the phone...he is one of my favorite relatives, and he is not getting any younger. He is now too old to travel, so I think it is incumbent on me to go see him...I think I would regret it if I didnt.

Guess that is enough for now...just feels good to type it out...cathartic. Tomorrow is another day...lots to do...and I am doing a wedding this weekend, gotta prepare for that.

Be well.

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