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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Follow Up to Follow Up

Follow up to follow up, LOL!

Was at work last night...there is a liquor store attached to the club but it was closed. A customer came up to get a package, but realized the store was was Donnie, the guy who gave me a hard time. I gave a polite wave and walked out into the parking lot.

He shook my hand and apologized...said he was so trashed he could not remember anything. He said his friends told him what he did and he felt bad. He said it was nothing personal, and that having me work in that town was special, and that if I were not a presence there, things would not be the same.

He seemed sincere...he came in and got his package from the bartender and handed me a beer on the way I suppose we are all good.

Karma being the bitch she can be, he had a black eye...apparantly he got his ass kicked for reasons unknown to him, but he said karmically it was probably for being a dick to me. I will own that and accept his apology.

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