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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dog Days- Just talking crap

Dog Days- Just talking crap

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I generally spend my day in the company of my 2 dogs. One is a 10 year old female Border Collie - German Shepard Mix (Tiny) and one is a 2 year old Blue Leopard Catahoula (Foster).

Tiny came with the ready made family years ago, and she is the Lulu to my Sidney Poitier (To Sir With Love). She was buck wild, but now I dont even leash her when we walk. We generally have an understanding.

Foster was found roaming at the Mall as a puppy. He is now a big 100+ pound puppy who loves to cuddle and be cuddled. He is an absolute trip, and watching him (and Tiny) develop has been an amazing study on how breeds can know to do things instinctively without being told.

What is making me chuckle today is Foster. First thing I do every day is take the dogs for a walk. They have there particular places where they enjoy evacuating the old bowels. Foster has decided he likes to move his bowels a little creatively at times, which makes me crack up. He will find a low shrub or plant to straddle and leave his manifest on top of a branch or in the middle of the bush. He is prone to back into a stand of fern or weeds and drop his work, always completing with swishing his paws on the grass with a satisfied grin on his face.

Stupidly, this always makes me crack up...I must get pictures of this action one day, LOL!!

Think I will put some pics up of them in my pic area today.

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