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Monday, January 23, 2006

Last night was just bizarre...

Last night was just bizarre...

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What a strange night...and not even a full moon. I called and gave my notice to my Sunday employer to let him know I was taking a new job on Sundays in February. I went on to the place, and you know how everything can seem darker when you are blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel?

Seems many people have been complaining about the Sunday night venue, and last night was one of those epiphanys as to why...seems like all the troublemakers were there last night, and I was just too sober to enjoy dealing with it.

At one point I literally just shut everything off and put my feet up while onstage on my stool and waited for anyone to notice. People were just being so rude and arrogant, and when a fight almost broke out, that was when I shut down. Then, when I fired up, I just played slow peaceful songs to see if anyone would get it. When I would sing, people would just come up and start talking , or try to take my mic...and all types of other disrespect.

I thought maybe I was being sensitive since I had already given my notice, but I checked with a couple of patrons and they assured me that it wasnt me, that everyones assholeishness was in overdrive. I saw a lot of issues that I really did not like seeing, and I was weary of being a babysitter more than a KJ/DJ. Like I told Kevin, I am not an artist but I do require some semblance of appreciation or I would just as soon turn on the juke box and go home. At 1:00 when I shut down, then everybody wanted something from me with no regards for I just packed up that much faster. Once all my stuff was in the van I could breathe easier. While I was singing, MarLa got a great shot of me tearing my flyer off of the wall ceremoniously...and I really enjoyed singing Creep by Radiohead and changing the words...the handful of people who caught the changes were laughing with me..

I really dont want to be there anymore. I am going to call to see if I can be replaced ASAP. I am dealing with too many QUALITY folks a week to subject myself to this.

Thanks to all my friends who were there last night to get me thru it...I was pretty close to freaking out in a calm way, but you all being there made the difference. Just seeing the empathy in your eyes when I looked over in frustration got me thru.

On a is a repost of a bulletin I just posted:

An exclusive release to MySpace...

For my local friends and followers, I am giving up Smiles on Sunday. My reasons for this are many and many of you know, but the main reason is that I was offerred a position that I could not say no to...and I think you will approve...

EFFECTIVE SUNDAY FEB 12 (That is the Sunday following the super bowl) you can get your Harryoke fix from 5pm to 9pm at the Shark House on A-1-A...right on Beverly Beach! That is just a few miles N. of Finnegans and a few miles S. of the Parkway...right on the beach!! They have great food and accomodations, the hours are great, and it is non smoking for those of you who get choked out... I am going to be a perfect fit at the Shark House...all of the employees already come to my shows, the new owners are friends of mine and most of the singers there already know and like my show, but dont come to the smoking venues, or like the later shows, so this is going to be a hell of a popular show on Sundays.

I will be making a public announcement probably next week, but I wanted the MySpacers to be the first to know, as you all so dilligently support me, and I love ya for that. The rumor has been out that there was a change happening, and this is the confirmation.

I wish everyone at Smiles the best...I will probably still be there until the 5th, unless I can find a replacement before then...we will see. Plan on my being there to the 5th unless I post otherwise.

Thanks Again!!


Sunday - Shark House 5-9
Monday - Mothers 9
Tues - Finnegans Daytona 9
Wed.- Finnegans Beachside 9
Th - Finnegans Beachside 9
Fri - Halifax Plantation 8

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