Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Friends many of us have them....?

Current mood:contemplative

There are the people we see, the people we know, and the people we consider friends. There are big differences between acquaintences and friends. A lot of times we refer to acquaintences as friends, but there is a big differential in knowing someone and letting someone in your house, LOL!

Anyway, my thought in all of this rambling is this: Isn't that moment of epiphany when you realize that someone you know is really a friend a wonderful thing?

With all of the changes this year and of late, I have met a bunch of people, and I have made several friends. Of late a few folks have gone out of their way for me, and done some nice things. I have some great friends out there, and today I just felt like sharing. One friend in particular stood out to open my eyes to that epiphany, and it just gave me pause to reflect. So reflect I did. Hope you all do too.

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