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Sunday, January 8, 2006

The Defeated continue to be mocked...but I am a FANCY man!

The Defeated continue to be mocked...but I am a FANCY man!

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I disposed of my intentions to work on the car today. It is arguably the nicest day of the year...unbelievably great weather.

I was awakened by Loris daughter calling to say her car would not start and where should she go to ... buy a battery.

Now, #1, I know she did not need a battery, so I had to get thru to her that she did not need a battery, she needed someone with some mechanical aptitude to diagnose this properly before the cash started flowing uselessly...

#2, I was aggravated because she still has not gotten a AAA card for road service, and as is always the case in domestic emergency situations, a lack of planning on someone elses part becomes my responsibility.

#3...I know her car has a history with...a loose side post terminal. SIGH! I HATE THESE FU***** THINGS!!!!

We make the long drive over and I assess that the terminal is loose, but I cant tighten it because it is stripped. (See a theme here?). I figure I will get it tight enough to start the truck then get it to my house where I can fix it properly. After many futile attempts, she informs me that "It started last night when the cop jump started us...." . So now I know the battery is dead, so I will have to jump start it, but it wont jump start it because there is no connection, so everything that does not involve fixing that connection is futile. I cannot fix the connection because the bolt is of a specialty size due to the number of connections to the post (ie longer than the bolt I could get for 50 cents at the corner store) and it is sunday morning....

So after many expletives and the clock ticking, I tell them I am done and to do what a FANCY man like me would have done in the first a tow truck and take it to a mechanic and get it done correctly without me having to get my FANCY hands dirty. Keep in mind, my wick is very short after yesterday, and I am doing all I can not to have a meltdown.

The tow truck is called, meanwhile her male friends are showing up thinking they are going to assess it better than me and thinking it is ridiculous to have to tow the truck for this problem. Not ridiculous to a fancy man like me, LOL! I played that card, telling Lori that I was a fancy man and in a station of my life not to have to get my hands dirty doing more than writing a check to someone else to do this. LOL! That was kind of funny, but not too far from how I really feel.

Tow truck shows up and we drop it at the is now 2pm and I get to start my wonderful sunday...and I have to work tonight.

I told Lori if anything happens to her car or my van in the next day in regard to batteries, I just may have a meltdown...and I really mean it. I am sick of car repairs and electrical system problems, especially those compunded by the poor design of sidepost terminals. The tow truck driver thought he was gonna fix it too, and I told him what the problem was, and he said "I hate those side post terminals". Duh, LOL!


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