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Saturday, January 7, 2006

I Am Admitting Defeat...Carma Continues...

I Am Admitting Defeat...Carma Continues...

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There was nothing wrong with Loris car. An opportunity arose to get a good deal on a newer one and we took it. This left us with her car here...figured I would keep it and maybe drive it for awhile.

The battery died. Easy enough. BAH! I have NEVER had so many issues changing a damned battery as I have on this. I literally let the car sit for 2 months until I could find the time to work on it. That time was this morning.

Whoever designed side post terminals should be euthanized and all side post terminals should be removed. The cute little nut holding the terminal on strips out so nicely. And it was stripped...and there was not enough cable to cut the terminal off and start properly...and there was a body brace over the battery that needed to be removed...

Then the bracket holding the battery in was rusted and the nuts popped right off...leaving the rusted stud... This is where I walked away 2 months ago...

So I go out today to drill it out to no a hacksaw and chopped the terminal off. There is no room to work and I got acid all over me. For such a big car, there is no space for the battery at is shoehorned in there.

My back is now throbbing from being bent over...I install a top terminal post to free myself from sidepost hell.

Go to the store and buy a battery, and they do not have a top post that will fit that car, so I have to buy new side post terminals and re-do my recent handiwork.

After fumbling around trying to get the cables on for about a half hour, squeezing the battery in and rigging a book underneath the battery to keep the rusted stud from damaging the new battery, I think I am getting close to done.

I start the car, it starts right up and I am pleased...until it stalls. Then I go back in to start it and I dont even know what the sound I heard is. This happened several times...and the car would not start. I am pretty sure the starter is fried. Of course now it just clicks.

I am in pain...greasy, dirty and have acid on me...and I am lighter in the wallet for the battery, and wasted a perfectly good morning...on a car I dont even drive or have registered...and I cant even sell it if it does not run or start.

Now is the time to see me if you need a can be gotten cheaply. I am defeated for now.

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