Monday, July 17, 2017

We Just Disagree

I do not understand people who cannot stand to associate civilly with people whom they may not agree with, or share the same beliefs. I would rather hear and see views that oppose mine. It would be a boring world if I were surrounded only by people who agree with me all of the time. It would be a futile position to be in to constantly be "preaching to the choir".

In the real world, or at Facebook as well as other social media, some of my closest friends have polar opposite views to mine, in religion, politics, sexuality and general ethics or policy. It is funny when I hear of people dissociating with or unfriending people who do not agree with them or have opposing beliefs. I UNDERSTAND getting away from people who push their beliefs on you or constantly push at you for not agreeing with them, or who are just otherwise toxic to you, but if someone is just living by example and not being pushy, far be it from me to worry about them, or fear they will somehow damage me in some way. I am secure enough in my beliefs (politically, socially, sexually, morally) that I can be with, hear or see others who disagree with me. This gives me an option to UNDERSTAND where they are coming from and either consider their point of view, or become better positioned to know that I am happy with my current view. But if you surround yourself in your circle with only those who think and act like you do, you can find your circle getting smaller especially if you become vocally critical of those outside your beliefs or practices.

I know a lot of people who are not jerks or a-holes that I think very highly of who do not agree with me politically, or spiritually. It is just a matter of having an open mind, making decisions for yourself and giving people a little tolerance. Pick those battles carefully, in the long run, it does not matter what your neighbor is doing if you are true to yourself. You wont be changing any minds being around only like minded people and yes men. You really cant understand someones view if you simply ignore it. When you understand it you are more qualified to disagree with it. BUT when and if you impose your feelings on someone without solicitation, you too become one of THOSE PEOPLE. Civility and tolerance do not necessarily have to share the same labels, membership cards or arm patches.

You dont have to agree with me, it is ok.

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