Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Am A Workaholic. Sorry.

TO MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Hello, my name is Harry, and I am a workaholic. HAHA! No, but seriously, I just wanted to get something off of my chest. Sometimes I feel like my friends and family might think that I am neglecting them. I do not get out to visit them often enough, or take road trips and do stay overs, or accept dinner invitations or invitations to get togethers, largely because of the excuse that I am busy, or working. Guilty as charged. Many do not know my actual schedule, or demands on my off time, but I do not get a TON of down time, and even less down time with Lori. Often when I have free time she is occupied and vice versa. Occasionally there are periods where my work load lightens and we get out more socially. That has not been the case of late with the domestic and work situations here.
We do not take vacations, and being self sufficient, I do not get paid time off or sick days either. Running the business, taking care of the houses and overseeing the historic groups, researching and what not take a lot of time, and often on a night off, sitting in front of the tv with a good drink, good food and good company is hard to resist. We try to get an occasional road trip out to Orlando or other close location when we can, if we can, but not often.
Many of my friends run karaoke or are entertainers and are always wondering why I never come to their shows. Usually because I am working. Many do not realize how far away I live as well. It is tough to justify 2 hours of driving to go to karaoke on your night off, LOL. It is not that I don't support them, it is merely logistics.
I miss a lot of social engagements due to my schedule or physical proximity. I just don't want anyone to feel as if I am ignoring them. One upside of my job is that I can socialize somewhat on the clock, and that gives me SOME social outlet, and makes me available to those who seek me out, but it makes it hard for me to appear on their turf at times.
One day I will slow down to a manageable schedule, but I tend to like to strike while the iron is hot. I had the lightest schedule I ever had at the start of this year, but I am back to a normal busy schedule. I feel if there is a demand for my service, I should provide it while I can and prepare for the future. I can rest later, LOL.
The last time I intentionally took a day off was back in 2010 so I could go to New York for the TV appearance in studio. I had a forced few days off during the hurricane (but that was no rest) and one of my employers gave me a few days off as a gift a few years ago, but I stayed close to home. If I were known for my extensive travel or free time, my friends would have a serious gripe, HAHA. But, I think often, many are not aware of just how often I am working, especially on the days I do not plaster it all over FB.
So if you invite me over, out or to visit, and we say no, it is nothing personal, it is either because I am working, or unavailable with grandkids at home, or other reasons. We have not had the annual bonfires lately due to burn bans. I just got the vibe that some of my people might be a little alienated that we don't socialize much. Just wanted you to know it is on me. I know I should take more time off or take vacations or have down time, but I have my own reasons for not doing that as well. They would be hard to explain, and I will save THAT for another day.
Thanks for understanding, and if I ever alienated you in any way or made you feel ignored, insulted or unappreciated as a friend I apologize.

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