Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The TV that wont die...

The TV that wouldnt die...

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So, it was back circa 1987 or so, that I was asked to help a friend move. She was breaking up with her boyfriend, and moving out. I loaded my truck with all her stuff, and after checking to make sure we had it all I noticed the TV. She said she had no room for it, but I could have it if I wanted it. It was an old Gold Star color TV, with the two knobs on the front...for you kiddies that have never seen one, LOL!

I used it as my bedroom TV for years...moved it to the living room for awhile when I got a nicer bedroom TV. Kept it in use even until I moved to DeLand in 97...having had it myself now for 10 years in constant use.

I retired it just in time for my buddy Tom to tell me his TV had taken a crap. I gave him the GoldStar which he put into service. He got a really nice large screen TV for Christmas a bit later, so he moved the GoldStar to his bedroom.

I went over to his house on Saturday night, to see the GoldStar in place in the living room...picture crisp as ever. The big screen lost a tube, so I manhandled it to the garbage for Tom...but it was way too heavy to get into the dumpster myself. LOL!

Twenty one years after I rescued this GoldStar from an uncertain fate, it is still showing it's gratitude. Simply amazing!!

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