Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Of Bonfires and Guy Fawkes

Of Bonfires and Guy Fawkes

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Well, the time came again for another bonfire. This one was not on the large attendance scale like the last one, as I was having it as a party for my friend Nilsson and his son Aaron, who are visiting here from England. The weather was a concern, as it rained the day before, and the day after, but for the day of the party, I could not have asked for a nicer day. We had about 25 people over, close friends and family who knew Nilsson. THAT is why the signal did not go out for everyone to come over. THAT will be next time, LOL!


As we were having some Brits in attendance, they suggested burning a "Guy" for Guy Fawkes day. I wont go into the whole explanation, but if you are curious, I would just google Guy Fawkes, and look at the Wikipedia entry for all details on him, and Guy Fawkes day, which is observed in England and Rhode Island. In short, it is customary to have bonfires, fireworks and destroy an effigy of Guy Fawkes by firework or fire. As fireworks are banned here, the bonfire worked well.

The birth of Guy...created by Nilsson, Dennis and Aaron...

And, the death of Guy....

Guy gave off a nice glow, LOL.

Of course, if there is a fire, and Randy and I are there, what kind of fire is it without first some fire jumping, and fire walking? Keep in mind, the flash erases some of the flames in the pictures, but the heat is on, LOL!!

Aaron and Foster share a drink after playing "chase the ball"

All in all, a great evening. We sat out in the yard with the music and fire until about 1/4 to 3, but the time change bought us an extra hour of sleep. Woke up and cleared the back yard just in time for the rain to come, LOL!

See you all at the next bonfire! Hopefully it will be before it gets hot again.

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