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I’ve Been Flocked...(thats a good thing)...and my ’mingo history

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Well, I left for work last night, and Lori called to ask if I knew about what was in the yard. I of course did not, and she would not elaborate. I asked, "what is it, a pink flamingo or something?", given my history with pink flamingoes, and the sense of humor of my friends. She would not elaborate, and told me to wait until I got home. I pulled up at 3 am to this the dark of course (this aint Alaska!):

This was the work of my friends, Delores, Chris, Sandy, Dennis and Nilsson. The "flocking" is sponsored by Florida Hospital, and is a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research/American Cancer Society. For 30-40 dollars, they will flock someones yard, and you can have them removed by calling and paying $20...or just live with them for 3 days, and promote the awareness. I am opting to keep them for 3 days, but I have a feeling others may get flocked, LOL.

For more info, contact Katie at 386.898.0299 to flock someone in the greater Halifax area.

A bit about my 'mingo history. Many of my friends already know this story, but I will tell it for the uninitiated. Before I moved where I live now, I lived in a neighborhood that was family oriented, but aspired to be better than it was...and in this effort, sent people around to inspect houses and write up those who were in violation of any homeowners rules. Each tenant had a prospectus and rule book as to what was allowed and what was a violation.

I got wrote up a few times, justifiably, for issues such as grass, peeling paint or similar. I got wrote up once for having an ugly vehicle in the driveway, LOL. I was a classic 64 Ford Fleetside...sure it had a few different colors on it...but ugly is in the eye of the beholder.

The final straw was when I got wrote up for having a sign in my yard for having a burglar alarm. They told me I had to take it out of the yard and put it on the house. Nowhere in writing did that appear, so I appealed the complaint. They said a sign fell in the same category as a for sale sign. This did not appear in writing and I disagreed, so I asked them about campaign signs. They said those were temporary, so it did not matter. I then asked about lawn ornaments. They said there was no provision for lawn ornaments. Seeing my loophole, I left and aquiesced to their demand to move my sign. I then also added 50 pink lawn flamingos to my front yard.

The mingos adorned the border of my property, my trees, my driveway...and generally just made themselves at home. I became known as the flamingo guy. They would get "stolen" then reappear at my work place, and at friends houses, usually to return unharmed, LOL. Several nights were spent with friends and family on...uh....hunts....for mates for my mingos.

Eventually, after several years the interest waned, and since I moved I have not really had any mingos...that is until I did a party that had a tacky Hawaiian theme, and there were a pair in attendance. I took one, and my friend Elizabeth took the other. Hers has since passed away, but years later, mine is still grazing in my front yard as a harkening back to my past. Just this week, I removed the leis from the mingos neck, LOL.

It will be fun living with these birds over the weekend and remembering the past. Hopefully I will also create some awareness for the Breast Cancer cause.


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