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HR1592 - Whats the big deal?

HR1592 - Whats the big deal?

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I am not gonna bore anyone by getting too political or technical, so I will speak simply and without great detail.

HR1592 is a piece of legislation on the table that would make a "hate crime" out of causing someone physical harm based on their sexual preference, as well as other parameters. The bill is designed merely to help punish more severely anyone who inflicts bodily harm or death to another human.

There is a controversy that Christian leaders are not supporting this bill because they feel it is a greasing of the slope toward religious persecution...that they will not be able to preach against homosexuality without penalty.

This is just not so. There is no wording in the bill to limit free speech. The only people who need fear this bill are those who plan on causing bodily harm or death to another, or plan to incite others to do the same.

To see the actual wording of the bill for yourself click here:

My sister is an evangelical Christian (Pentecostal) who had brought this issue to my mind via a blog encouraging people to not support the bill. I responded by pointing out the wording of the bill did not limit the free speech, and further countering that if preachers WERE inciting congregations to inflict bodily injury on gays, that they should be reigned or or made accountable for inciting such an action.

My sister and I had a dialog about this at her blog, but then I noticed her blogs were removed...I am not sure if she removed them because she had rethought her position or what the reason was, but was surprised to see them gone.

Then, I turned on the TV and on the Colbert Report, there was Steven Colbert echoing my sentiment, in his usual sarcastic way. I wanted to share that clip here in a blog for those who had any interest in it. It is only about 3 minutes long. I ws originally just going to send it to my sister, but figured a blog was a good way to have any dialog about the subject.


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