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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A political rant...the future of the US

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At a karaoke forum that I haunt, a thread opened in regard to our next president, and politics in general. Some topics, including illegal immigrants and our borders appeared, and there was a lengthy dialog. Someone responded to one of my posts today, which caused me to re-read my words, which I had largely forgotten I had typed. Ironically, this sentiment also resurfaced in a conversation with my friend Nilsson who is visiting from England whilst I was driving home with him the other night after work. I thought I would re-post the comment here in my blog, for more to see. Since it was in the context of a conversation, some of the comments I make may feel out of place, but the overall message is conveyed, I do believe. The first comments about immigrants were in direct response to the thread, then a few paragraphs down, my commentary begins...


I have mixed feelings...but what I do agree, is that it would be nice if all those entering the country DID do it by legal means. The US is quick to accept all, but would like documentation to get them into the system. Any caveats as to language or whatever are up for debate after that.

I also see a positive side to having a workforce of undocumented immigrants. However, when they get caught in a sweep, one must remember that they ARE breaking the law, and as Mark so eloqently stated, their gamble should not pay off in amnesty because they are already physically here...

One must look at what industries the undocumented are serving in, and decide if getting rid of all of them would be economically feasable, or if prices in certain arenas would rise to unreasonable levels, sending the industry across the border with the undocumenteds. Just food for thought.

America really needs to get it's sh** together quickly. It is not 1945 and we are not the undefeatable innocent superpower anymore. We are global players, bullies, and finding ourselves falling WAYYY behind the technology curve, and the sociolgical advancement curve. We are being surpassed.

When Brazil can exceed our capacity to create an alternative fuel and be self sufficient of the Middle East, and we cant, we should be embarrassed. We should be embarassed that other countries have progressed so far past us in terms of health care, drug reform, crime prevention and punishment...yet we still cling to the old and archaic ideas.

Once upon a time, when the country swelled with American pride, it was because we were a progressive, prospering benevolent nation. We are quickly being surpassed by countries that took our lead, and ran away with our baton.

We choose to sit on our fat lazy asses and cry out how great we are while others are bypassing us. This is surely going to come back and bite us if we dont open our eyes and make some drastic changes in our society.

What spurred me to type this was this thread, the president thread, and hearing Lee Greenwood sing "God Bless The USA" on the radio. As I listened to the words, I appreciated the sentiment, but could not agree with the song at all. The USA could definitely use some blessing, but that blessing would involve a change, and also a more global outlook. We need to limit our consumptions, our pollutions, our aggressiveness, start looking out for our world and all its peoples, and do what it is going to take to remain a player in the changing world. We need to be able to compete with China, India and other growing countries who have been hungry longer than us and are ready to feed off of our greed.

I find myself thinking more globally than my borders these days, especially when my life takes me out of the borders daily...from who I talk to on the net, to the items I consume, to the countries that my brethren are occupying, and dying in...

Right now, I am not proud to be an American. I am GLAD I live in America, and I appreciate its freedoms, but right now I am not proud of where the freedoms are taking us as a society and as a country. I appreciate everyone who got roped into fighting or dying for our country, but alas, I am realistic enough to see many of those people are dying in vain.

A change is gonna come. It is either gonna be good for us, or consume us. When we are incapable of competing or thinking globally, or when our ecomomy becomes damaged from greed, and waste and we become completely dependant on other countries, and beholden to them with debt, the piper will have to be paid.

Hopefully the crocs wont get us when we are crossing the Rio Grande.
(My screen name there is "Sisyphus")

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