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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

We Are Getting Old

We Are Getting Old

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Man, just observing, this week is my uncle's birthday. He was born the same year as my father....and he is turning 90! My Dad would be 90 were he alive today. I dont feel old enough to have a 90 year old father, but, I was a change of life baby. My Mom would be 84.

My Uncle kicks ass for being 90 though. He is starting to slow down, but he is definitely still active. He reminds me more of myself than anyone else in my family...we have the same spirit and sensibilities. I hope to have a life similar to his when I am his regard to health and retention of faculties.

Then, I was thinking of my buddy old friend...and came to the realization we have known each other over 30 years, and he is not even my oldest friend, LOL! We have been friends longer than some of my friends have even been alive!

Just thinking...we are getting old I guess...

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