Friday, March 9, 2007

Genesis of my last blog...comfortable shoes.

Genesis of my last blog...comfortable shoes.

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I was in a hurry when I blurted out my last blog, then talking to Donovan last night, I realized I didnt even post the genesis of what made me type it...

Change. Sometimes it is good, sometimes bad, sometimes warranted and sometimes not. I wonder sometimes why when something isnt broke, people need to fix it.

The genesis of my thought is thus. All the many changes in my lifestyle this month bombarding me...

...and comfortable shoes.

I am not a guy who can just buy shoes off the rack and they will be fine. I try them on, they seem good, then after a day, some quirk causes them to become useless to me and I have to remember not to get that kind again. When I find a style that is comfortable, I stick with them as long as I can, but ultimately find that while I am wearing them out, they stop making them or change the style. I have taken to buying a couple of pairs and storing them when and if I find a style that works for me. So I just pulled out a new pair of shoes from storage to find that they dont fit. And I went to the store to find they dont make them anymore. Now I am back on the voyage for comfortable shoes.

And allergy medicine. For years I have had a medicine I used to combat allergy problems, and it gave me no negative effects, and I could drink on top of it and it actually was effective. Come to find out, it is apparantly no longer available...If I had to speculate, it is because it had pseudoephedrine and since that is what the meth users are abusing, rather than relegate the drug to behind the counter status, they changed the active ingredient. I will give the new stuff a try, but I am not real happy about that...the other stuff was perfect for me.

And deodorant. I use an antiperspirant/deodorant that seems to work, smells good and was reasonably priced...then they stopped making it with no warning. Was at Big Lots several years ago, and they had a slew of it, so I bought every tube of it they had and stored it away, and just found last week that I was down to my last now I am forced to find a new antiperspirant!

And conditioner. Found a conditioner that I was very pleased with and have been using almost as long as my hair has been long...went to the store the other day to replenish my supply to find it apparantly is no longer available.

I know it sounds whiney, and there are bigger problems in the world, but, it is my world and with all the sudden changes, it just gave me pause and cause to reflect.

So now I am gonna take my strange smelling, allergy suffering, foot hurtin self outside and enjoy the changing view across the street, remain hopeful and wonder who will be moving in next door soon...and hope I dont get any tangles...

It is hard to be brand loyal when the brand keeps going away!


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