Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ch ch ch Changes


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Man, there just seem to be so many changes going on around here...and I am hoping that nothing negative comes of them.

My neighbor to the North sold the house and moved. She had a house and a rental cottage. The tenants stayed in the cottage and now the new owner plans on using the property for a rental. Now, I know he paid top dollar for the house, and it is going to be difficult to get the mortgage covered with the rent, hence he has a premium rental amount on the house for this area...and hopefully this will bring a quality tenant...if the price were too low, you get all manner of transient activity. We have had problems in the past with renters in the area bringing seedy people to the area. The crime rate is not bad here...yet, when it is mostly the homeowners in is the rental people who change the climate.

I will miss my old neighbors being there, and am looking carefully to see what develops with the property without an owner occupying. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the house down the street becoming a crack house for awhile. The new occupants had to make a lot of effort to stop the flow of customers who continued to arrive months after they moved in. That attracted a really bad element to the area, and lots of transient foot traffic...

The building across the street from me has changed hands. The attorneys who have been occupying it will be there a few more months. Apparantly the building was bought by contractors who intend to use it for their offices. I am hoping they do not sublet to other businesses, or even worse, turn the park-like vacant lot in my front yard into heavy equipment storage. The lot across the street from my house that my living room looks out on is currently quite shaded, and park like. The dogs run there, and we watch the squirrels and animals play. I hope they dont take to using it for storage.

The building to the South of me is sitting vacant, in a zoning battle. The owners spent a fortune starting a renovation, much to my pleasure, but the work has ceased while the lawyers figure it out. Meanwhile, so local gang members have taken to tagging the wall. At least THIS time they didnt get the f-word up, as the neighbors saw the guy doing it and chased him off. We are getting a lot of gang tags in the area. Now they are showing up on residences...and I know it is probably just one guy with no conscience doing it.

Oh well, here is to waiting and seeing!! All I can do is keep a good thought I suppose!

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