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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here is one for the armchair psychiatrists...

Here is one for the armchair psychiatrists...

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I rarely, if ever remember my dreams. I rarely have nightmares. This morning I awoke from a nightmare, which had pretty defined details until the the end there was a blurry melange of outcomes and no resolution. Curiously, I was able to retain some details, so for grins, I thought I would post them.

I was doing a gig...of course. It was at the Elementary School I attended as a child. That is enough of a nightmare in itself, LOL! KIDS!!!!!! AHHHHH! Anyway, that did not play into it, so I digress...

There were some people there that for some reason were not happy with me. At no time was I remembering doing DJ or Karaoke or working at all, most of my memory is going to and from the van, loading and generally just being there.

I was aware that the people who didnt like me...2 guys in particular, were in from out of town to visit a relative who was either sick or dying in a hospital or rest home. These two guys were giving me constant skinny muscular guy and a big doofy brute of a guy. They would basically terrorize me to a point to try to get me to do something, but I would not succumb to the bait and hit them or start something they could blame me for. I kept asking for help and no one responded to me.

They started making sexual suggestions and when I got touched inappropriately, I broke away to try and get some help. I went to go to my van and could not find it. In my dream, I could not clearly remember what vehicle I was driving and it was frustrating me that if I had to call the cops, I would not even be clear on what I was driving.

The assholes saw me in the parking lot and the skinny guy said "That van is all the way to Iowa by now, HAHAHA. Youre never gonna see THAT one again."

So I got out of their view and someone gave me a phone. I knew it was time to call 911.

I dialed 911 and got a water softening company. I hung up and dialed 911 again, and got put on hold with a radio talk show. On the third call I got thru, and began to tell the cop my problem...he just kept telling me to calm down, while he was laughing his ass off. I told him they stole my van and he kept laughing.

This is where the dream went blurry with the different endings. I never remember seeing cops..I do remember fighting, I remember a scenario with me killing everyone with an assault rifle, I remember being killed myself, I even had a scenario where I killed myself because of the frustration, and losing all my equipment.

In the middle of one of these scenarios is when I woke up this morning.

Just a weird dream, LOL!

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