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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Checking in with the outside world...

Checking in with the outside world...

Current mood:restless

It has seemingly been forever since I blogged anything. Figured I would make up for it by posting a little sumptin sumptin tonight.

It is Bike Week this week in Daytona and surrounding areas. That gives me a few nights off. I have been using my days to get some errands done and catch up with some friends I have not seen lately, then making myself available at home...but as American Idol is on and I have no interest in that, and Samantha is staying here with the baby for a few days, I am kind of in my office with my Mickeys Malt Liquor, and doing some computer stuff.

Car update...took the car to the mechanic for him to make everything right with the world, then sold the car to a neighbor who needed a good deal on a car. No more headache for me...all vans and cars that need to be sold, are. Now just hoping I dont have to repo a car I am holding a note on for someone...that is something I dont want to have to deal with. While I am off I emptied my van and had it detailed inside and out so it is nice and crisp and clean for me to return to work in. That was todays activity.

Speaking of good CARma, long story short, I was in a small town yesterday and did a rolling stop at a stop sign. Got around the corner and saw the this cop is sitting in the middle of nowhere, a block off the beaten path, and a block from the busiest intersection in town...simply waiting for everyone to roll thru this stopsign. I had a few hundred feet on him and I turned into a convenience store lot to elude him. There was an identical van to mine parked there, so I parked right next to it...dead identical, right down to the metal bulkhead divider and all... I was out of the cops sight for 10 seconds or more, so he could not say a word because he had no way of knowing which van and driver rolled the sign, LOL! What a sigh of relief to see him just keep going. Went around the block after leaving and he was right back in the same perch again. I was cautious to come to a complete stop though, LOL!

Finished up arrangements this week to go to Virginia in April. Leaving the 27th and coming back the 30th. Meeting some online karaoke friends there to sing, eat, talk shop and generally BS. People are coming from all over the world to meet far away as England, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and all points in the US. Will be a nice break from the usual, and it will be good to see some old friends again, and some for the first time in person!

Also looking forward to my friend Nilsson to arrive from England in late March to early April for a stay. Glad our trips did not coincide.

Been trying to find time for a bonfire but with my schedule I have not been able to make that work. I have a pretty good pile going for the next one though.

All for now I do suppose...more as life develops. Hasta la bye bye.

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