Saturday, April 15, 2006

Same old, some new...

Same old, some new...

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Hola, just dropping a note in the old blog pile here to fill my friends in on whats up! Havent been in contact much as I have been working so much, and trying to stay caught up on my sleep as well. This leaves not much free daytime or social time. Fortunately I get to see a lot of my friends AT work!

Had my first day off in a while today, thought I would play catch up in the office, but that was not to be. I was informed at 2 pm that the frig was taking a dump. Wasnt about to think about calling a repairman on a holiday weekend, and the frig is pretty old anyway, so replacement was my first thought. I do have a frig in the house next door, but it is old and I fear that moving it will kill it as well, so just gonna use it where it is until the new one is delivered. Got a good deal at the scratch and dent place...stainless steel exterior, pretty much no frills otherwise...just what I wanted at a price well below retail. I am a fancy man and will not pay retail, LOL!

Gearing up to leave for Richmond on the 26th/27th for a few days. Meeting some friends up there to talk shop, gossip and sing and drink and eat. I guess you would call that a convention. Thats what the taxman will be hearing it called, LOL!

Speaking of taxes, got them done and submitted in a timely fashion. Self employment tax is a beeyatch, but pay I do. Had to send in what I owed, PLUS my first estimated payment for 2006.

Preparing to have the house painted. Was hoping it would be done before I left, but not holding out hope...betcha it will happen while I am gone and not here to supervise. I was inspired by a local bank...loved the color combo, and they opened a second branch and I again was enamored of the colors, so that is the combo the house will be painted in.

I also have contracted with someone to re-roof a portion of my house. We got rain this week briefly and SURPRISE! Leaks are here. Patched it once, but just gonna do it right this time.

And people wonder why I work so much, LOL!

Nilsson has left back to England today with the kids. Hopefully he will return again soonly...I believe maybe in October for a week. I really enjoyed the time spent with him...most at work and the commute to and fro, but we did manage some other outings. We have amazing ironies in our lives that lead us to believe we were possibly separated at birth...except that I am older than he, LOL! But, he and I share similar life experiences, goals, and interests. Chicks dig his accent...LOL! Funny stories there...

Oh well, all for now...gotta go get thru some more of this mail and find food...I have sent Lori off for food and a movie for tonight. Tomorrow is Easter. I dont really celebrate it myself, and I have to work tomorrow. Lori is going to her parents for Easter dinner and to celebrate her daughter Samanthas 20th b-day. I will not be attending since I will be getting ready for work.

All the best to you all...more interesting stuff will post when I am inspired.

Happy Easter to those who are observing.

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