Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Day of Diverse Interests

A Day Of Diverse Interests

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Just thought I would post a blog about my day yesterday. In retrospect, there was nothing too dramatic happening, but when I get outside of my circle of friends, it may seem interesting due to the diversity of our activities, so here we go...

Firstly, I celebrate my anniversary a week after Valentines day. Since it is usually not convenient to celebrate both as they would fall on weekdays, etc, we usually celebrate both on the Saturday between them...which was yesterday.

Secondly, I have a really diverse cross section of society that I consider friends. Given that, here is how I spent my day.

At the restaurant of the golf community I do shows at, a few weeks ago I had what was arguably one of the best meals I ever had. The chef there is a frustrated gourmet who is reigned in my the menu at times, but for specials can let his creativity shine. This was such an occasion. I loved it sooo much, I asked if he could make it again sometime. I called this favor for last nights dinner. So we enjoyed a fantastic dinner, wine and company. (Beef tips prepared with pepperoncini, pepperoni, cheese, tomatoes served over a marinated portobello on a bed of herb mashed potatoes...and trust me the description cannot match the experience of eating it, LOL!!)

I made the reservations early so we had plenty of time to do something afterward, but we were unsure what we wanted to do and figured we would play it by ear. We were reluctant to go to Daytona because of the race traffic, but went anyway...since I know all the backroads.

Last week I got invited to a party. It was from 12 to ? and there was gonna be bands playing and whatever. I said I might make it but it would be late...thought it was on a day I was working...looked at the invite and saw it was going on now, so we decided to go check it out. Wasnt sure Lori would be into it, but she was very receptive to the idea. The party was at the clubhouse for the local Outlaws Motorcycle club, LOL!

We went by, and realizing the club was walking distance to our friends house, we went to see if they wanted to join us. They are very cool people...the kind of folks you want with you if you are partying. Plus, I knew they would appreciate getting invited into the clubhouse. It is not the kind of place you just walk into uninvited. You have to know people, get buzzed in...closed circuit TVs seeing all. No one gets in who is not supposed to be there. So I got everyone in on my cred, and we proceeded to have a fantastic time...cold beer, great jukebox, personable folks. The party was pretty much done, but we stayed anyway to soak it all in. The sergeant at arms gave us a tour of the place (he knows of me, so he got me in). I will probably go back again experience.

So later we walked our friends home (another adventure itself, LOL) then made our way back to the homestead.

A diverse day of my own creation. LOL!

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