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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Goals For The New Year

Goals For The New Year

Not a big fan of the word "resolution". To resolve to do something seems so finite, and a prelude to failure. Rather, at years end, I examine what I want to do in the next year and that is my goal. Goals can be unachieved without a feeling of failure, as long as some headway is made towards them. Here are a few of my goals.

1. To become better acquainted with those around me. To be better with learning and remembering names of those I see often, who may not be directly in my inner circle. To introduce myself to those I see often yet never speak to.

2. To remain steadfast in my plan to eliminate my medical debt.

3. To work harder on my physical well being. I need to start working on the areas of injury from my accident to get a little more normal...a little more therapy at home.

4. To be more aware of my metabolism changes and eat healthier, and exercise more...more walking and bike riding. I have not been very physical during my recuperation and have been eating like crap, and drinking a lot, which has added a bit of girth to my frame that I am not happy about. Gonna get that tone back this year if I have my way.

5. Gonna dramatically reduce my drinking, and drink more sensibly when I do. Beer sure helped numb the discomfort. But beer is probably responsible for the previous issue. Not quitting drinking, just making better choices and cutting down on volume.

6. To try to make my surroundings more comfortable for me, and take better advantage of those surroundings.

7. To try to take a little more time to smell the roses.

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