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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Observation on Patriotism, Sacrifice and Team Play

Just a quick note.  Many of us were not alive during WW2, but can easily see documentation of the patriotic war effort our country had against our enemy.  The citizens voluntarily sacrificed for the war effort, donating supplies and time to the cause.  No sacrifice was too large, and everyone was proud to help.

Fast forward to today, and we are mired in a few wars and actions, and being asked to give up nothing in our daily lives...yet the bill needs to be paid, and now the piper is calling a tune.  Yet it seems no one wants to bear any of the cost or sacrifice in the name of patriotism, like our fathers and grandfathers did.  We remain fat, dumb, happy and uninvolved.  It baffles me that while our country is going bankrupt, no one wants to step forward and take the hit.  Everyone wants theirs...and everyone has their hand out, but no one wants to sacrifice.  Not even those who could afford to.  It just gives me pause to reflect on how that would look to our leaders from 60 some years ago.

"One nation...indivisible..." my ass!  This country is so divided, that its fall is imminent.  We need a social enema to get our priorities straight.  My Dad was a depression baby, and while I largely did not get along with him, one thing he repeated as a mantra stuck with me.  He always said that we did not know how good we had it, and that we all needed to live thru a depression to appreciate it more.  The system does not work any longer, and a large part of that is the mindset of those who are in the system, and those who control it.  Maybe we need to hit a bottom before we raise a sinking ship. 

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