Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Introspective Reflection After 12 years As Harryoke...

This week will have me celebrating the completion of my 12th year as Harryoke, and starting on my 13th year serving the public.  I have spent a lot of time thinking this week...reminiscent of "It's A Wonderful Life", about the impact my decision to do what I do for a living has had on the world around me.  I often wonder if I had not come onto the scene, what changes would there be in the lives of myself and those who spend time with me. 

I often wonder, if I had not taken the leap back in 1999 to start my business, what path my life would have taken.  Would I still be at the same job I had, or what would I be doing?  Who would I have met that would have impacted the direction of my life?  What would my health and well being be like?

Every decision you make in life affects the rest of it.  Go right or left?  Maybe if you went the other way you would have been killed...maybe you just missed meeting the person who would change your life by one traffic light.  I often wonder what I would have done with all the time I have spent working, but on another job...or what if I had not met the people I have, or what would they done with THEIR lives had they not been spending their time with me? 

I think of ALL of the things I have seen and done in the last 12 years.  I think of all of the people whose paths I have crossed.  I think of the couples who met using my show as a conduit...and the children that have been born of these unions.   I think of the doors that have been opened to me, and the doors that I have opened.  I think of the people in my life I have met thru my work who have GREATLY impacted my life and my outlook, and vice versa.  I wonder what I would have been doing if I had never broken my neck that night...and what I would do with the money I spent on those hospital bills.

I always wonder what business I would have been in had I not found karaoke as a career.  I have had an amazing run for a dozen years, and am still looking forward, NOT backward.  I really feel the best is yet to come work wise.

I regret not keeping notes or a journal.  I used to keep a journal in the 90s, and I quit right before connecting with Lori.  Maybe I am a bit jaded by life from things I have seen and done, but it would make an interesting book to compile bits and pieces.  I am sure I have forgotten things more bizarre than a lot of people have experienced. A great example of a moment I realized this can be found in this anecdote.  Leaving work one night, I was heading toward home and planning to meet a group for breakfast.  I drove down the road about 2:00 AM and called my friends to confirm our meeting.  As I was driving, I passed two people running.  It did not bug me or cause me any distraction at all...especially considering they were both completely naked.  I got a few minutes up the road and happened to mention it to the person on the phone.  This person was completely blown away by that.  They began asking me details that I could not answer, and they could not believe that I could just keep driving and talking while seeing this. Such is my life, and my outlook and reaction to it.

I never let a day go by without realizing how fortunate I am to have carved this niche out for myself.  I also realize how lucky I am to live in an area that so greatly supports what I and my colleagues do.  I am thankful for those who support me, not only by attending, but also my psychological and financial benefactors over the years who have enabled me to keep moving forward, and keep the pace I do without going insane.  I am also thankful not only for the people I have met, but for the life long and life changing friendships I have created along the way.     

If you had told me 14 years ago that this was my future, I would have called you crazy.  If you had told me 13 years ago that my decision would have turned out this well, I would not have believed you.  Here is to more great years, and more great shows....and a tip of the hat to my first show in May of 1999, a mere 3461 shows ago...  Here is to a belief in the unbelievable.  THANK YOU! 

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