Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just a little something that makes no sense...if you care...

In FL, 7 people a day die from prescription pill overdoses due to abuse.  We all know users and victims of users, and if you dont know one, you just arent looking hard enough.  Florida is rife with pill mills called Pain Clinics.  You can go into them with enough cash and a good story and get what you need, then drive to the next one.  This makes FL a haven for users, and dealers to obtain stock to resell, use or take to other states.

A step toward curbing this activity is to database drug transactions so that one pharmacy knows that another has already served that person, which would stop dealers and users from being able to stock up.  This would come at no cost to the state, the cost would be absorbed by the drug companies.  This plan has the support of law enforcement, and those in the drug counseling/recovery fields.

This plan does NOT have the endorsement of Gov. Rick Scott, and a few of the other lawmakers in the state who deem it as too big brotherish, and not the place of government to get involved.  Keep in mind, these are the people who say gays cant adopt children.  I am in favor of a little less government, but this is an arena that deserves to be monitored.  No one is keeping drugs from those who legitamitely need them, or abuse them in a reasonable fashion, this would merely curb dealers.

Maybe a note to your representative to let them know where you stand, afir or again, is in order.  It just seems to me that it makes more sense NOT to endorse drug dealers than to give them free reign.

Just my opinion...    

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