Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dinner at Emmy's

Went to dinner at Emmy's for the first time tonight. ( Have always wanted to eat there, but it is always so busy...but it is a local institution, so today the chance to eat there presented itself and I accepted.

Our waitress must've been new...this was the first disappointment. There were so many old time established servers there with eons of experience, EXCEPT for our server. I did not know what I was eating so I just ordered water...which was bottled water, in small bottles for a dollar a piece. That was the next disappointment...if I am gonna drop 50 bucks on dinner, give me some damn water, LOL.

Lori ordered a house red...which befuddled our server. She then specified a cabernet. The waitress returned to ask again what kind of wine... then the bartender came and informed us that they only serve Merlot. OK, no big deal.

Emmys also serves German food, which is kind of what I was in the mood for...I envisioned a pork shank on a bed of sauerkraut...but I was informed they only serve German on Wednesdays now. Next disappointment.

Decided on the king cut prime rib, Lori got the queen and we got a blooming onion as an appetizer. Meal came with soup, something they called salad (a plate with some dressed cucumbers, tomatoes and cole slaw) and bread.

While we were waiting, I got the biggest disappointment of the night. The waitress at the next table informed the diners that the special of the day was pork shank. I was livid.

Anyway, the lividity was quelled when the entrees arrived. This was an obscenely huge piece of beef. Easily 9 inches by 5 inches, and 2 1/2 inches tall. With a baked potato. This was one of the rare times I actually brought home leftovers.

Overall, the quality of the food was great, the atmosphere very dated and so so , but the owners and everyone other than our actual server was very attentive and friendly. The owner stopped at the table several times and engaged us.

We both enjoyed it, but I dont know if I will be beating a path back again anytime real soon. If I get a jones for German cooking, it is worth the extra hoof to go to the Willow Tree in Sanford.

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