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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christ HAS left the holiday...

Christ has left the holiday...

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At a DJ forum I haunt, someone started a thread about losing Christ in Christmas, from a Christian perspective. I posted a reply and liked the wording so I thought I would blog it publicly here. To see the entire thread, including my reply and responses, click here:

Why is Christmas becoming a Holiday? Where has Christ gone?

Christmas has become a big blur. Keep in mind, our societies values keep evolving...look at how life and culture was in the 50s compared to now...not only are family values and the importance of religion eroding, but the meaning of the holiday has become watered down into a commercial frenzy transcending all religious boundary.

Christmas is a holiday set aside to celebrate the birth of Christ. It has nothing to do with Santa, trees, decorations, gifting or marketing. Christmas is celebrated by Christians. Santa, trees and other things are NOT Christian symbols.

Much of what is used today to celebrate "Christmas" is actually derived from Pagan and Celtic Winter Solstice celebrations...but many moons ago, the practices became adopted by the Christians as well. So even todays symbols of Christmas have nothing to do with Christ by design. Christmas as we know it has only existed since the late 1800s.

Santa is not mentioned in the bible...he is a symbol of the man made version of Christmas. He is a fictional character of European descent whose legend has evolved. Even the image of Santa as we recognize him was created by Coca Cola many years ago in their marketing. Santa is a marketing icon.

But we overlook ALL these facts, and decide to lump the entire chalupa under the umbrella of Christmas...which apparantly, after all these decades, Christ has become less and less a part of. It is more about the commercial aspect, the party aspect, the gifting aspect and the Santa aspect than it has become about the Christ aspect.

So even non Christians participate in the other areas of the Holiday. Hence, the term Happy Holiday...since it encompasses all the aspects of the holiday without the focus on Christ.

You really think stringing lights all over your house makes you a better Christian? It does not show Christmas spirit, it shows Holiday spirit. Exalting Christ shows Christian Christmas spirit.

Society has been rewarded today for the evolution of the holiday by its members. We watered down the meaning and now are complaining that we cant find any Christ-meat in our Holiday stew?

So to those complaining about the erosion of Christ from Christmas...does having your tree up, lights up, sending your cards and buying and getting your gifts really celebrate Christmas, or is it more of a Holiday celebration. What did you do to celebrate Christ? Do you think your kids worshipped more to Christ or Santa?

Saying Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas is lip service. Only Christians celebrate Christmas, and I will go on a limb and say most of the Christians dont really know how to celebrate properly. THAT is why Christmas is becoming a Holiday. todays social climate, more people are willing to be open about stepping away from Christ. For many years it was so taboo to have an alternate belief, or a lack of belief, that the alternate believers remained underground. Further yet, many years we did not think as globally as we do now. There was not as much travel, communication, satellites or the internet, so belief remained regional. Today, beliefs or lack of, are more prevalent in smaller areas, so your community probably has larger pockets of groups who do not necessarily celebrate or worship Christ as the saviour, but do celebrate the holidays by participating in what has become the custom...trees, decorations and gifting.

This is where political correctness in borne from. Trying to please everyone...or rather not offend anyone. Tolerance goes a long way, but there appears to be a lack of it, and lets just say that it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Everyone is afraid of being sued or boycotted for their professed belief, or now lack of. Everyone is now getting rabid when corporations choose the word Holiday over Christmas. This almost smacks of a reverse discrimination though, when you realize that Christmas being forced by Christians threatening boycotts is not very tolerant or Christlike either.

If you are a Christian, learn to properly celebrate your faith...if you celebrate Christmas the way 90% of America does, then Happy Holidays. If you are exalting Christ, then Merry Christmas.

It is your choice. It is my choice. But, THAT is where Christ has gone, and you put him there.

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