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Saturday, December 15, 2007

2 Things - Of Helpful Crucifixions and Hannah Montana

2 Things - Of Helpful Crucifixions and Hannah Montana

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Hadnt blogged in, 2 things stuck in my craw today, and I thought I would just post them here...not that they really mean anything in the big scheme of things, but I thought you might find them fodder for interest as I did.

First of all, it is CAVALRY not CALVARY. Several times this week I have heard people say "Here comes the calvary". For those who do not know, the Cavalry were the mounted soldiers who would appear on the horizon when you were in peril and their appearance signified you would be helped...Calvary was the site of Jesus' crucifixion. Next time someone wants the calvary sent in, I implore you to crucify them. news reports today are full of the arrival of Hannah Montana. Where I can see this is perhaps a cultural phenomena worthy of report on a slow news day, further scrutiny of the event leaves me baffled.
First, the show sold out in 45 minutes. Second, parents have been waiting in line for 2 days to get tickets. Now who waits 2 days to get tickets to entertain their child for 2 hours? Get a could have spent those 2 days doing something more constructive for your child, or at least setting a better example than to display such behavior to a forming childs mind.
Furthermore, the tickets are now hot for scalping...which, as a business man leads me to ask myself...why didnt they raise the price...OR why didnt they just book a bigger venue...OR why didnt they book multiple nights if the demand is there...keep taking money and not have to break down the set daily!
So many much nonsense. Much ado about nothing. I just dont get it I guess, or else, I am ripe to join the entertainment management forces with my common sense and set the world on its ass. Color me silly.
All the best...will blog more as the spirit hits...just been so busy and uninspired lately.

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