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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Playing Catch-up - The World In My Eyes

Playing Catch-up - The World In My Eyes

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Hola! Been incredibly busy and doing the 7 day a week gig thing again. Getting ready to go do a wedding now, and had a minute of downtime, so I thought I would send out a quick note of what has been happening in my world....

Got a new computer to eventually replace the old home PC. Fantastic deal! Got it home and configured it, put it online and after about 5 minutes, it LITERALLY caught fire! Took the CPU back and exchanged it and the new one works flawlessly. It took forever for the aroma to get out of the house...that is a memorable smell. A friend on a karaoke forum mentioned that all electrical techs know that all wires are filled with smoke, and once the smoke leaks out, the unit is done, LOL! I needed a new was passing me by on the old one...and all my resources and storage were maxed out to boot.

At all these parties I have been working I have been able to eat some interesting food. One thing that caught my buds was an appetizer made from hollowed out jalapenos, and the filling was half mozzarella, half chunky peanut butter, with italian spices added...pretty tasty. Got to eat some elk as well...well prepared over Zatarains style cajun rice...the elk on its own was good...not gamey at all...just a bit chewier than well done beef...but not tough at all. Also discovered a tequila I like...a lot... Cuervo Clasico. Very clean buzz and no trouble in the morning. Will be trying that again. Tried a new tequila last is a cuervo that has lime in it already...cant remember the name. I tried it straight, not bad. Brett and Jimmy made margaritas with them and thought they were nice.

MY HOUSE IS FINALLY PAINTED!! Every square inch, and all in a different color...the hideous paint I hated so is now gone, and the house looks like new as well. I will have to get some pics posted. There is a very nice transformation as the colors are very earthy and natural and pull together with the surroundings nicely. No more greys, blues...BLECCH!

I went ahead and formally closed the PO Box we had. The clerk has been there a while. I gave him the number, and the keys and he got the card out of the file. He remembered my Dad...said he was a trip. He remembered that we got a lot of mail from my brother overseas ... who was sitting in the car waiting for me, LOL! I am sure some codger had had a box there longer, but that was a long run. But, it is done, and I dont have to think about it any longer.

My buddy Nilsson is the newest KJ in the UK. He replicated my hardware set up, bought a library of discs and did his first show last night. Cant wait to hear his adventures... Now I may have to book that wedding in Bristol since I know I can nick some familiar equipment there in a pinch, LOL!

All for now...I had better be getting ready to get my show on the road. Memorial day weekend is always a fun weekend...I have a standing order party that I do every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, and it is always a good party, GREAT food and drink, and of course, quality music and karaoke, LOL!

All the best...more later when there is time.

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