Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

2010 sucked.  Period.  2011 was a lot of clean up from 2010.  The end of 2011 just got better, and now 2012 is going to be splendid...I am counting on this.  I rang in the new year at Halifax putting on a show there, then spent the next day cleansing the atmosphere by burning my yard waste.  I had YEARS of brush stacked up, and have not been able to get to burning it for either legal reasons (burn bans), weather or wind, or just time.  This was the perfect day.  Once the fire got going I got out my chainsaw and cut everything down that was troublesome, and removed a small tree from the front yard...it is all BURNED, gone and ceasing to exist.  I burned all my bills and documents...nothing cluttering the new year so far.

My resolution this year is to get rid of material things.  Anything I do not need or love or use needs to go away this year.  Growing up poor leads to a slight hoarding mentality.  You have a fear of getting rid of something because you might need it or someone you know may need it.  I started giving stuff away already, and that will continue until I see a noticeable space in my surroundings.

I also am committing to improving my quality of life by upgrading some of my technology.  I do not spend a lot of money on myself, and this year I will afford myself the luxury of things like new computers and TVs and bluray players, etc...  Gonna get into this decade.  LOL!

I am also giving new thought this year to my interactions with those family members around me with whom I have strained relations.  I don't hold grudges...but I also get tired of having the same arguments, so I am committing to not arguing or debating with people who do not agree with me.   Similarly, life is too short, and if someone does not want to communicate with me, I will have to find peace in that and not lose sleep over it.  It has been pointed out that I have too many people around me volunteering cheerfully to be my friend, to have me in their company and circle for me to stress out over the few that for what ever reason find me to be objectionable and undesirable.

I hope all of you are looking forward to a great year this year, as I am.  

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