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Monday, August 22, 2011

GENERATION GAP: Becoming more apparent depending on who gets the joke! (ADULT THEME-Rated R)

This anecdote is another reminder to me that we are all getting older...

Someone told a joke the other day in a mixed age crowd.  The older folks laughed, the younger folks did not get it.  What gave me further pause to reflect was the fact that the very younger folks could not grasp the concept.

Here is the joke:  Who was the most famous person to get shot in a theatre?  (EVERYONE of course says Abe Lincoln).  Who was the second most famous?  The guy sitting in front of Pee Wee Herman.  Badum-PAH!   

Now if you thought that was funny, you are old enough to know who Pee Wee is, what he was doing in the theatre in 1991 and why he was arrested.  When you explain this to someone in their early 20s, you must tell them he was in a porno theatre.  Further making you feel old is their questioning what a porno theatre is and why anyone would go to a theatre to watch porn, because ALL of their lives it has been accessible with the click of a mouse.

I have only been online since 1999, and I grew up in the 70s.  It would be impossible for THEM to fathom the fact that the way MOST 70s kids got their porn was to simply FIND it...on the road, in the garbage, in the woods, you would just come across pun intended.  Adults would buy "gentlemans sophisticates" from any magazine stand or Adult Shop, or just buy a ticket and go to the theatre.  Knowing someone with projectors, you may have known someone with a "stag reel" that you could watch if no parents were around.

History will also back me up that the explosive popularity of the home VCR was completely tied to the fact that you could watch porn on it, and the porn industry EXPLODED in the 80s because of the VCR...a symbiotic relationship if EVER there were one.

Of course, the young folks reading this are saying..."what is a VCR?".  LOL...older we are...

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