Friday, January 23, 2009

Interesting Coinkydink

Our dogs Tiny and Foster have different personalities, but are each uniquely wonderful. One thing about Tiny, is that she is not particularly affectionate all the time...that is, she has her moments, but she has never been one to be cuddly or snuggly, like Foster is.
One night not long ago, I plunked on the couch and Tiny joined me, and snuggled up to my lap. Foster joined us, so I suggested that Lori take a picture.

Then, since I was impressed that Tiny was hangin out, I got Lori to shoot another pic of Tiny and I...

My kneejerk reaction to seeing the photos was that they were cool, but my pose was not the most flattering to me, LOL! But, it was a rare, candid shot.
Later, I found this pic of me from when I was maybe 12, with my dog Scosh

I guess I always have been a dog on the couch guy, and always will be, LOL. Just loved the coincidence and the equally unflattering pose, LOL!

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