Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blog Follow Up - Rat Bastards

Blog Follow Up - Rat Bastards

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This is a follow up to my Dec 20, 2007 blog entry about our local mail thieves who were stealing our Christmas cards.

The postal service would have been more than happy to investigate our problem and prosecute those responsible, but, that would not have solved the inherent security problem of having mail delivered to a box on the curb. I managed to solve the problem by contacting all of my neighbors and having them agree to have their mailboxes replaced with a central station on the block. Now, all residents have secure drop off and pick up, as well as 2 big boxes for parcels!

This was done at no cost to the residents, just the cost of the stamps to mail them a request! About a month and a half after taking up the cause, we have our station, and no more worries. I have already pulled my mailboxes away from the road! To say the least, the neighbors are all pretty happy about this. Yay me. LOL.

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