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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Had Forgotten How Fun This Is To Hear...

I Had Forgotten How Fun This Is To Hear...

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I think the Nixon administration made it publicly clear that the president's phone calls from the White House were all tape recorded for posterity, LOL. What is not often thought of are the HOURS of arcane conversations that must be on file.

Years ago, I got a sound file recorded in August 1964. This always makes me laugh out loud. A buddy of mine brought it up to me today and asked me if I still had it, so I found it online and thought I would write a blog to share with all of you who had never heard it before...

The link I will provide will take you to a file of Lyndon Johnson calling the Haggar pants company directly to order pants. When listening, keep in mind a couple of things...first, most of us go to the store and buy Haggar slacks without dealing with the company, let alone "Joe Haggar, Mr Haggar's boy" directly...and secondly, listening to President Johnsons needs in slacks...keep in mind he is the leader of the free world in 1964, LOL! It is truly bizarre, and gets more surreal when he discusses adding shirts to the order. Add this to his belching and crude language, and you get a portrait from a different time, LOL!

The link will play in Real Player...if you do not have it, I suggest googling "Lyndon Johnson Haggar" to read a transcript or find the file have to hear it.

BE SURE to click the LISTEN tab under the title...reading it just wont be as funny an impact!

Get your laugh on!

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