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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Only Now Beginning To See The Humor In This...

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Lori had her van in the shop and had been driving my spare. We were planning to go pick her van up from the shop Saturday morning. Since she was driving the spare Dodge van, which Foster feels is his, he was chomping at the bit to get to the van. I didnt see any reason not to have him tag along, so away the 3 of us went.

We got to the mechanic's shop and I parked in the shade, but Foster wasn't hearing about sitting in the van, so I let him out with me, and he obediently stayed nearby, which had me very happy that he was becoming such a responsible lad. I paid for the repairs and was preparing to send Lori on her way, when we got involved with more talks about her car. Meanwhile Foster had gotten out of sight for a couple of minutes.

Out the back door of the shop, there is a white clay driveway, with a puddle in it that was full of grease, oil and solvents where apparantly some parts had been being cleaned, combined with recent rainwater. Either way, it was something you definitely would not want to step in.

Unless you're Foster, in which case you dive in head first and roll in it. I called for him, and he came in the back door dripping oily water, and black to the sight. Sailors should not have heard what I was saying, and somehow his new name became "Asshole".

So, I had to take him to the car wash area to get him clean enough to transport, then after he dried a bit, loaded him into the van, and took him home to the front yard. He was banished there until we could prepare to bathe him with Dawn dishwashing liquid. If it was good enough for the animals from the Valdez spill, it is good enough for Foster...and quite effective. Two washes later, with a good high pressure hosing down, he seems good as new.

I was fit to be tied. Today I am starting to see the humor in it...when he walked in dirty, it was like a movie scene...just unbelievable. He knew he pissed me off, but he killed me with kindness for the rest of the day, do I guess we are OK now, LOL. How can you not like him for long?

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