Sunday, December 24, 2006

Go figger....

Go figger....

Why does everything seem to wait until a holiday to break? Last year we found a plumbing leak and had the TV blow up on Christmas, this year water has come flooding from underneath the kitchen faucet.

The main water supply valve outside is completely buried now that they dont actually look at the meter anymore, so I had to dig that out to shut the water off, since there is not a shutoff valve under the sink. So, now all the water to the house is turned off.

It is going to take a plumber to sort where the leak is coming from, and good luck getting one on a Sunday, Christmas eve. I have one on the way and he should be here by 2...and there will be a $149 Holiday surcharge on top of the bill. Oh well. The floors ought to be dry by the time he gets here anyway.

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