Friday, November 17, 2006

Foster is Sick


Many of you know my dog Foster ( ). We have been really preoccupied with worry about him this week as he was very ill. He pretty much lost all his steam, became very lethargic and had no interest in anything. I took him to the vet as we had no clue what the problem could be...anything from bowel obstructions to worms or whatever. The vet didnt think it was a bowel obstruction and was leaning toward a parasite of some type, and treated him accordingly. He has not been NORMAL since I left for work on Sunday.

Yesterday he threw up a copious amount and there were undigested leaves in the vomit. He is prone, as is our other dog Tiny, to graze and eat foliage in the yard. We are thinking he got ahold of something poisonous.,.possibly Lantana, that caused the issue. The more I research the issue on the net, the more convinced I become that he was poisoned by Lantana.

Last night he seemed to be sparking back up...actually moving around and had some interest in his tennis ball. I was relieved to wake up this morning and find him standing at my door waiting for me with his tennis ball in his mouth. We went for a long walk, the first in a couple of days. He seems to be getting back to his old self...and I am not worrying as much.

Thinking of the possibility of him being gone, and seeing him suffer, absolutely broke my heart. He is a good guy.

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