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Friday, October 27, 2006

Strange Turn of Events - Entitlement Part 2

Strange Turn of Events - Entitlement Part 2

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This blog entry is in reference to my previous blog titled "Entitlement". Although this gravitates around the incidents involving Allen Buzdigian, my post and blog had nothing to do with him per se, but rather the sense of entitlement from one of his neighbors who wrote a letter to the editor concerning a show of force. I reprinted the letters in my previous blog.

Yesterday I was contacted via MySpace by Allen Buzdigians neice, Jennifer. Her profile was new and had no friends added, so I am assumptive she googled the name and saw my blog entry listed and went on to read and felt compelled to respond. Her responses are available at the comment area of the blog.

Now before I go any further, and those who know me know this already....I am no moral champion...that is, I tend to be a little more live and let live rather than getting uptight over legal friends come from all walks of life and I am no stranger to people who live off the radar or outside of the boundaries of the law. I dont want any strangers reading this to think I am some middle aged uptight white cheerleader for the law community, that is just not the case. What I AM a cheerleader for is what is right VS what is wrong, and I have the ability to justify that when someone is wrong, the earn a penalty for their decisions...and THAT is a price you pay when you operate outside of the boundaries of law.

What I am finding amazing in this situation is that Allens family apparantly shares the same disdain for law enforcement that Allen did...and they are holding grudges that Allen was murdered by law enforcement, and harassed previously to his death...that the cops had it out for him and were looking for a reason to kill him and finally got their way.

I could go on speculatively, but the facts are public record...Allen stood before a judge and then refused to come to sentencing and when he was being arrested he fought back with bullets. It does not matter what he was being charged with or why...that is a case for the lawyers and the system. NOT for gunfire towards the civil servants keeping the system going.

So without further ado, I invite you to read my previous blog and see Jennifers comments, then read the following message sent to me, and feel free to comment at THIS blog, so that Jennifer may get a bigger picture as to who was right and who was wrong, and that we are not "assholes" for feeling that Allen Buzdigian signed his own death warrant with his first shot.

Quote from Jennifer:

Message 1 of 2

Hello Harryoke,
I have a response to make it regards to your letter to the editor disagreeing with Mrs Haas. I do not agree with you at all I in turn agree with Mrs Haas. the police went way to far that day they KILLED Mr buzdigian. If you would have done some further investigating before putting your 2 cents in you would have found that Mr Buzdigian was a handicapped man with 2 hip replacemants and asthma and that the police were well aware of his conditions as well as they were aware that the force they used that day was not needed . There was no need for him to be gunned down in his living room for not appearing in court. He did not harm anyone the only thing he did was not appear in court o There are plently of people in this state who fail to appear in court and they sure as hell are not hunted down and shot, now are they?
You state they used extraordinary step that day and you are right the steps are extaordinary and were uncalled for. There was no need to use 22 canisters of tear gas concussion devices and all the other assortment of toys to be used that day to draw a handicapped man out of his house, they could have killed a herd of elephants that day! The police need to be the ones scrutinized that day not Allen and people such as yourselve need to do a little investigating before speaking about a subject you know nothing about.
It truly saddens me that peolple have no respect for human life Allen was a kind gentle human who loved life and loved living before he was KILLED. just so you know Al has family and friends who are still grieving and who will miss him very much.

Message 2 of 2

Well Harry I find it pretty sad and pathetic that you have nothing else better to do than sit around and gossip on the internet about something you nothing nothing about . As a matter of fact Allen is my Uncle and I do know ALL the facts and the fact is that Murdering a handicapped man which is exactly what the police did that day is wrong. You stated that he did not appear in court for a crime he commited do you even know what crime he supposedly commited I DONOT THINK YOU DO!!! Do you know that the police came to his house in May for no reason at all and harrassed him for trespassing which he didnot do. Since none of this is your buisness and I will not waste my time on you and go into any details on this case but you are saddly mistaken by the fact that the police were in the right. But you are right about 1 thing it would have been sad if something happened to any of the police officers on that day, but they put themselves in that perdicament by harrassing a disabled harmless man.
And as far as their "toys" I believe and so do alot of the other residents in Ormand Beach that the police had a hay day playing with all their so called "nonlethal toys", well they were extremly lethal to my Uncle since he was very asmatic and could bearly breath on his own on a normal day, no matter after 22 canisters of tear gas were used they were well aware that they will Murdering a man and that those methods were extremly lethal so donot preach to me or anyone else about a subject you do not even begin to understand It seems to me you are a simple man with nothing else better to do than pry into other peoples buiseness.
You state they were coming to his house to arrest him I donot know about you but there are plenty of people int his state who have warrants out for their arrests and the police do not knock on their door and shoot and murder them for not appearing in court.The police had it out for my uncle and they were not going to stop until they ended it which they did. And if Al was such a threat to the community why did they let him free on his own recognices on May if he was such a threat and if that is the case then the Judicial System let him down and either way you look at it the police screwed up-if he was so "crazy" and they were so scared of him and his actions and they needed 4 police officers to come to his house to arrest him then maybe they should have kept him in jail in May until his trial. they did not keep him cause they had no reason to they were wrong in arresting him in May and they were wrong for Murdering him in September.
So maybe you yourself should shut up and step back and reevaluate your thoughts and look into the facts a little further than you did because unlike you I know all the facts and have known them for a very long time. So put all your BS to a good use and worry about your own life and problems and stop interfering in our families buisness we are greiving the Murder of our beloved family member.

I just find it sad that perspectives can be so skewed so that the cops are made to look like the bad guys...and it is a social statement about our society that I find interesting...hence why I published create a dialogue. I invite anyone who disagrees with me to post such, and try to convince me why someone who shoots at the cops merely because he does not want to go to jail because he disagrees with the verdict did not deserve to die that day.

For more perspective from the family, visit this forum where the family members discuss the death, and are glad he went out in a blaze It is an interesting read, and a view into a mindset:

Again, I repeat, I am not here to judge anyone, let alone Allen, BUT I am discussing the social fallout of responsibility of the citizens to operate within "the system" and the fallout that occurs when they do not, and ultimately, who is responsible.

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