Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gas Prices

Gas Prices

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I am confused about the gas market right now. I know gas prices are coming down to bolster consumer confidence. I know gas prices should be going up due to the pipeline problems. Everyone seems to fear coming away from the $3.00 mark. When prices were escalating, everyone was quick to raise the prices, and now that the market seems to be in decline, even though we see a reduction, I am suspect that feet are being dragged.

I travel 600 miles a week or more in commute. I keep tabs on where the cheapest gas is and who is consistantly the most expensive. When the traditionally expensive places are matching the prices of the bargain guys, I just cant help but feel someone is pocketing a large profit margin at my expense.

Hey, this is enterprise and all that. It just irks me to see costs so high when the oil companies are reporting record breaking profits. That is their right, but somehow, in this climate it feels a little unpatriotic for some reason.

We still have it better than most countries, fuel cost wise, then there is Argentina...still supplying its citizens for under a quarter a gallon...and then there is Brazil who responded to the gas crisis in the 70s by becoming self sufficient by planting corn and developing corn based fuels.

And here we are...America...the biggest consumer per person in the world, and we are told by our administration that consumption is the American way and we dont need to stop consuming...and no one seems to be pushing alternative fuels.

Could it be that the powers that be happen to be oilmen? But I digress...

Having been in the fuel business myself for many years, I guess I am just a little more skeptical as well as analytical toward the retail marketplace.

Just venting....

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